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Do you have heartburn?
Feeling gassy or bloated?
Sometimes tired without any reason?
Digest Aware Pro guides you to make better decisions when it comes to food and helps you to live drug free for the rest of your life.
Welcome to the next level of nutrient tracking.

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How Digest Aware Pro can make a difference?

* Digest Aware is taking your meal tracking to the next level. Simply set your profile and diet goal, using your input the app determines more than 30 nutrients optimal levels and compares them to your actual intake, giving you insight into your daily, weekly, monthly over consumptions and deficiencies.
* All nutrients are recorded in your iPhone's Health data which makes Digest Aware stand out from similar apps tracking only basic nutrients.
* Search from over 8000 foods or scan foods by barcode with up to six filters where you set range of desired nutrient and sort foods accordingly.
* Stack up on "Ad Credits" when YOU feel like or purchase app to avoid adds.
* Share recipes and get rewarded with "Ad Credits" when others select your recipe or review it.
* Analyze your intake by a 3D calendar or 3D charts.
* Get daily notifications to adjust your diet to compensate deficiencies.
* Grade meal composition by food combining rules with detailed explanation.
* Get food sequence recommendation to conserve energy by optimal digestion.


Tailored nutrient recommendation

Advanced Search

Filter and sort by nutrients

3D Graphs

Analize daily, monthly intake


Scan Foods

3D Calendar

Analize meals easily

Share recipes

Publish recipes for credit

Food Combining

Meal composition grading

Does your turkey sandwich promote proper digestion?

Maybe not so much. The app explores each food item's relation to all others and explains how they digest together. If one insists on eating all foods in same meal, with sequential eating digestion can be drastically improved. Digestion can consume a lot of energy, if we eat smart all that saved energy can be used to repair ourselves and feel better.

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Over 8000 Foods with Macro and Micro Nutrients

  • Find out Your Meal's "PRAL"
    "PRAL" - Potential Renal Acid Load value measures if the food is acidic (positive value) or alkaline (negative value). Optimal daily PRAL value is -15 to -35. Alkaline environment is not ideal for cancer cells to grow.

  • Do Your Foods Combine ?
    Foods can require different enzymes for digestion, when bad combining happens, food ferments, energy is wasted. The app grades meal composition with “GOOD”, “FAIR”, “POOR”, “BAD” and explains why.

  • Eat Your Food in a Sequence
    When foods are eaten in a meal separately in a sequence then layers are created in our stomach. As a layer is digested it gives room for the next layer and the stomach size gets smaller and more comfortable.

  • All Your Meals are Logged to Your iPhone's Health Data
    Digest Aware Pro saves all your logged nutrients to Health Data so it is available to other apps, your doctor, nutritionist.

  • Share Recipes
    Publish recipes with complete ingredients nutrient data, description and image so others can benefit from your wisdom and they reward you with Ad Credits.

  • Advanced Search
    You can look up foods, your meals, others recipes based on macro and micro nutrients, you can use up to 6 nutrient filters and sort by any, that feature alone gives unparalleled insight into your nutrient search.

  • Create Your Profile
    Once you set up your profile the app calculates your lean body weight, BMI and by USDA guidelines determines your optimal ranges for each nutrients.

  • Scan any Foods
    Partnering with USDA and FatSecret gives nutrient data access to tens of millions of food products.

  • 3D Nutrient Graph and Calendar
    3D data representation allows quick and easy understanding of your nutrient deficiencies or over consumptions.

  • Notifications
    Push notifications help you to stay on track, keep logging your meals, get suggestions also inform you how others benefit from your recipes.

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Digest Aware Pro is an easy and fast way to make intelligent choices when it comes to determining the levels of acidity in our daily diet.

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